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​"Artistic Audio Reproduction"
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Audio Mixing and Mastering Rates

Our mixing and mastering prices are very competitive with other high quality studios. You will find lower priced budget studios, however when you compare our equipment, experience, and final sound it's easy to see that MixMaster Audio has some of the best rates around for professional mastering or mixing. In addition we have discounts for multiple songs.

Stereo Mastering Prices

Stereo Mastering is our standard service and appropriate for most projects. Files submitted should be the highest resolution file available and generally .WAV or .AIF format. It's important to leave between -3db and -6db of headroom on the track, and also make sure there is no master bus compression or limiting applied. Finished tracks are delivered as downloadable Redbook Standard WAV files. Sequencing is available for EP's and Albums, and is a separate charge from our standard mastering rates.

1-3 Day Turnaround (Per Song)
1 - 3 songs $34
4 - 6 songs $32
7 - 9 songs $28
10 + songs $26

Album Sequencing ( $35 )

Includes Disk Sequencing, Album / Song CD Text, ISRC Encoding, Track Spacing / Fading, and Album DDP File Download or Master CD by mail.

Stem Mastering Prices

Stem Mastering provides the engineer with more options when working on a song. In cases where there are substantial problems with the mix it can be beneficial to the engineer to have access to separate groups of instruments. During the stem mastering process each group of instruments are level balanced, and imperfections are removed. After this the stems are mixed together and the final song is mastered.

1-3 Day Turnaround (Per Song)
1 - 3 songs $95
4 - 8 songs $85
9 + songs $75

Mixing Service

Our mixing service includes both mixing and mastering of up to 14 tracks. The service includes adding proper equalization, gating/expansion, compression, automation, fades, and effects. We also offer Pitch Correction / Auto Tune for an additonal fee. Projects should be submitted as consolidated wav files in a zipped folder.

3-7 Day Turnaround (Per Song)
1 - 3 songs $170
4 - 9 songs $160
10 + songs $150
 Other Services (Per Song)
Revisions ( One Free ) + $10
Track Replacements + $25
Pitch Correction + $20

All Mastering Services Include-
◾Noise Reduction
◾Proper Equalization
◾Tube Compression
◾Mastering Reverb
◾Peak Limiting
◾Adding Ambience
◾Stereo Widening
◾Stereo Balancing
◾Bass Enhancement
◾Dynamic Expansion
◾Text/ISRC Encoding