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​"Artistic Audio Reproduction"
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If you are capable of getting to the South East Michigan area,we would be glad to accomodate your recording needs.We provide a professional recording environment using top quality gear.
We also have access to a number of great studio musicians should the need arise.​
If you have material that needs arranging we can provide in that area also.
Please contact us with your needs and we can arrange a consultation. 
At MixMaster Audio, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

We provide a variety of services including:
1,000’s of artists are creating very well produced and mixed cds either in their home or at a local studio. After your song's are tracked we can provide mixing and/or we can provide mastering.Mastering is needed to give your project added clarity and separation, proper balance, width, sparkle and the loudness needed to compete against other radio commercial releases. If there's a problem with your mix, we'll let you know about it, so you can upload a corrected file. We want your project to sound the best it can!

​You can send me your audio files using our internet service we will listen to them critically, from a strictly technical point of view. We will not address issues like out of tune instruments or vocals, problems with tempo etc. We always assume the material sent to us is the final version, and that it has been appraised and approved by the client in that respect.

It is very important to address any issues with the mix at the mixing stage, so if we feel that your mix could be improved by making some minor amendments, such as vocal in choruses 2dB up, bass in verses 1.5dB down, less low end on guitar in the bridge etc. we will come back to you and ask you to make those changes. Once your mix has been amended, we determine your expectations for loudness, dynamic, EQ etc. and we begin to process your files. In general it means equalising, compressing, de-essing (if needed), saturating and limiting. It could also be widening and M/S processing if needed.We can also use analog processing such as our various tube gear,tape machine and running it through our console.

When audio processing is done, we send back your files in WAV or AIF format via our internet service.

We offer cd mastering, audio mastering, music mixing, audio restoration and vocal editing with pitch correction. The decisions we make during the cd mastering process are based on your genre/style of music.

This combined with our top-level audio mixing and cd mastering equipment will assure you that your cd mastering or music mixing project will be ready for commercial release, with that “radio ready” sound.
If you have any question concerning electronic deliveries or rates, please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to explain the process and determine the best route for you.